Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Translating Women - Part 2

More commonly used phrases spoken in Venusian translated into English. It's progressing from that first date to relationship.

She says: I don't have a lot of time on my phone... why don't you just text me?

She means: I'm really not that into you.

She says: Let's all hang out as a group

She means: I want to be friends.

She says: I'm sorry I didn't call/text/write, I've been so incredibly busy lately.

She means: I'm not that into you but if I'm bored...

She says: I had a really good time tonight.

She means: I'm up for another date.

She says: Want to come up for a coffee?

She means: Let's get it on!

She says: I don't want a gift for my birthday/Valentine's Day/our anniversary

She means: I want a gift.

She says: I was browsing online and look, isn't this sweater/purse/watch/etc. cute?

She means: I want this to be my gift.

She says: You shouldn't have!

She means: I'm surprised! Thank you! You did good!

She says: I'm not hungry.

She means: I'm going to eat off your plate so you might want to order an extra side dish.

She says: I'd like your honest opinion.

She means: Agree with me. If you don't, and you can foresee agreeing with her going awry in the future, make sure to SUGARCOAT the hell out of your honest opinion.

From Ginger on XYUL.CA